Huawei Watch for Ladies!

Huawei Watch (for Ladies)

Sparkling & shining Swarovski Zirconia, Customized for lady,
Circular Watch Body, Genuine leather straps


Huawei Ladies Watch!

The Perfect Partner For Every Woman

The design of HUAWEI WATCH Elegant / Jewel is inspired by the timeless style of feminine beauty. It’s elegant form complimented by smart technology, seamlessly blends in full functionality with a flair. It shines out among the competition and can be outfitted in a number of different styles.

Crafted To Shine

Jewel is a girl’s best friend and when it comes to materials, The HUAWEI WATCH Elegant / Jewel come second to none in quality. The Elegant and Jewel watches come in sapphire coated glass and Italian leather so you can sparkle and shine no matter the occasion. From the cutting to coating to packaging, only the finest goes into a Huawei Watch for Ladies.

Huawei Watch Ladies!

A Beautiful Display

Beauty should have no limits, which is why HUAWEI WATCH Elegant / Jewel make the perfect companions for any classy woman with exquisite taste. Select the way you accessorize and let your beauty come through in countless ways.

Honor 7 A!

One Watch, Endless Styles

The right watch becomes part of your signature style. The Huawei Watch lets you build a bespoke timepiece that expresses your individual look. Choose from a range of 18mm fine leather straps. Once you have your perfect watch, you can dress it for every occasion with a variety of bespoke watch faces to choose from.

Huawei Watch Ladies!
Huawei Ladies Watch!

All The Power Of Android Wear™

Powered by Android Wear, the Huawei Watch keeps you up to date with what matters most, with just a glance. Timely notifications help you priorities right from your wrist, with a single swipe. Every interaction is effortless. Control your music on the go, use your favorite apps for a seamless experience, and improve your efficiency with Google Now.

Precise Fitness Tracking

The Huawei Watch makes keeping active and reaching your goals effortless. It goes wherever you go, offering a smart perspective on your fitness. A high-accuracy motion sensor keeps track of your activity and knows when you’re walking, running or climbing.

Honor 7 A!
Huawei Ladies Watch!

Make And Take Calls Right From Your Wrist

A phone app, added to the app launcher, has a contact list, a recently dialed list and a dial pad. You can initiate a call by tapping the name on the contact/recent list, or through the dial pad. You can also manage sound volume and select different ringtones.