Honor 5A

13MP+8MP Camera, 5.5 inch HD Screen, Octa-core 64bit High Speed CPU, 3100mAh Battery


Honor 5A

8MP Front-Facing Camera

Better Selfie Shots

  • Back-lit BSI sensor (by SONY, Hynix or other manufacturers), F2.0 wide aperture, 27 mm pantoscopic lens, 4P lens
  • The perfect selfie feature lets you retouch all faces so everyone can look good in a group shot
  • Erase any skin imperfections with just one tap using the Beauty feature. You can also do this on videos
  • Use the Make-up mode for a more glamourous picture
Honor 5 A!

13MP Sensor Camera

Faithful color representation guaranteed

  • Get the perfect wide shot with F2.0 aperture opening and 28mm pantoscopic lens.
  • Shoot fascinating close-ups from as close as 7cm in macro mode and capture the finest details
  • Image sharpness algorithms achieve up to 2,100-line resolution so even photography novices can take high-quality photos with ease
  • Capture breathtaking night shots with its five prevision lenses and a blue glass IR filter.
  • Durable anti-wear lens with interior anti-reflection (AR) film to let in more light; exterior anti-fingerprint (AF) film
Honor 5 A!

5.5-inch HD Black Waterfall Screen With Vivid Picture Quality

Tough aluminosilicate glass for stronger anti-shock capability

  • The fully bonded IPS screen and up to 1000:1 contrast allows you to view images even at a178-degree viewing angle.
  • Highly toughened aluminosilicate glass, three times tougher than regular soda-lime glass*, with stronger anti-shock capabilities
  • Enjoy a seamless gaming experience with its 10-point touch and 100+ high-speed touch responses per second

* Data from tests run by the Honor reliability lab

Honor 5A

Kirin 620 Octa-Core 64-bit High-Speed CPU

2 GB+16 GB* Optimized for a smooth gaming experience

  • Kirin 620 high-speed CPU guarantees low power consumption and high performance; eight cores run at full power to massively enhance gaming performance
  • 2 GB LPDDR3 high-speed RAM, for faster app launches and smoother operation;
  • Expandable external storage up to 128GB
  • Guaranteed system compatibility courtesy of Honor’s professional game compatibility team and their experience working with hundreds of mainstream game and app developers

The operating system and preinstalled apps will occupy some storage space, and therefore the space available to the user tends to be less than the nominal memory and storage capacity; the actual amount of space available to the user is linked to the operating mode and software version.

Honor 5 A!
Honor 5 A!

Light Painting

Time and light, captured in your hand

  • Manual shutter accurately records moving light to capture enthralling light photography.
  • Four modes to choose from: tail light trails, light graffiti, silky water, and star track

More Ways To Use The Camera

Waiting for you to explore

  • Adjust ISO values, shutter speeds, white balance to your preferred settings in Pro-camera mode to get that perfect shot.
  • Honor 5A’s smart dynamic frame extraction captures fleeting moments in short videos to help you create astounding time-lapse videos and images.
  • Food mode, watermark mode, panorama mode, audio note, object recognition, and more features for you to explore
Honor 5 A!

3100 mAh Li-Polymer Battery*

Honor's power-saving technology gives you the longest battery life possible

  • SONY/ATL and other high-density Li-polymer battery cells with an energy density up of 590 Wh/L
  • Batter lasts up to 1.74 days on average use and 1.17 days under heavy use*
  • Honor 5A lasts up to 7 days on standby in ultra power-saving mode**

* Battery capacity may vary, typical value: 3100 mAh, minimum value: 3000 mAh

** Based on tests in the Honor power consumption modeling lab, the actual usage time depends on a number of factors.

Honor 5A

Power Consumption Detection And Management

A powerful battery built to last longer so you never have to worry about running too many apps.

  • Real-time detection of power-intensive apps running in the background and automatically clears excessively power-intensive apps
  • Power-intensive app chart gives you a dashboard view of hardware/software power consumption
  • System power consumption detection and one-touch power-saving optimization gives you real-time control of the remaining battery power
Honor 5 A!

3D Textured* Back Cover Classically Luxurious Design

  • Slim design with 64.5% screen-to-body ratio**
  • Bright metallic edge echoes the classic style 3D texture* of the back cover, while providing a fun, youthful twist
  • Available in four bold colours – Blue, Gold, Black and White

* For black, white, and gold-colored models only

** Ratio of the display surface area to the area of the glass cover plate on front cover.

Honor 5 A!
Honor 5 A!

Box Speaker

Enjoy an immersive music experience with superior sound clarity

  • SWS surround sound reproduces the real acoustic field, reconstructing direct sound and reflected sound for a realistic audio experience*
  • Integrated speaker box features deep and mellow bass, a full mid-range and crisp treble

* SWS surround sound is available in headset mode only


System Security

Hardware-grade security protection to protect your privacy

  • VerifyBoot hardware-grade safety protection, lock designated flash memory areas with data encryption to your private data from falling into the wrong hands
  • Anti-theft mechanism, making it difficult to change the boot password even when the system is reinstalled
  • Cloud-based Phone Finder service that enables you to locate, lock or delete data from your phone remotely in case you lose it.
Honor 5 A!

Data Traffic Management

Smart data usage management takes care of your data plan

  • Monthly data plan report monitors data usage to help you better manage your data and keep within your data allowance.
Honor 5 A!