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Honor 4C

Hi 6220(V8R2) Octa-Core 1.2 GHz, 5 inch touch screen supporting auto

rotation, 2550 mAh battery, 13 MP auto focus camera with LED flash

RM 569.00

Honor 5X!

Three-Segment Ultra Slim Frame Design Creates An Unbounded Visual Impact

The simple and modern design comes in three-segment layout gives a stealth effect on the ultra slim frame. The phone thickness is only 7.9 mm and the screen-to-body ratio is as high as 76% that produces an amazing visual effect.

Inspired by the movie Laputa - Castle in the Sky, the rear camera and flash are aligned in a way that reflects the creative design of the robot, tribute to Hayao Miyazaki. The Honor logo draws its inspiration from traditional Chinese embroidery. After undergoing plasma cleaning, the logo grooves are seamlessly integrated with the PET protective film and inlaid into the phone body.

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Honor 4c!

Innovative Design With Superb Craftsmanship To Give Silky Smooth Touch Finishing

Inspired by the ancient silk heritage, the phone employs innovative ID design to give ramarkably smooth touch in your hand, just like silk. The normal thickness of hair is 0.08mm, the normal thickness of silk thread is around 0.02 - 0.03mm, we use the slimmest frame at 0.03mm for phone surface polishing repeatedly to give an ultimate silky touch.

Rear camera employs the CNC diamond cutter milling process to deliver an outstanding and elegant outlook.

Industry-Leading 64-bit Octa-Core CPU

The 64-bit octa-core A53 CPU 's performance is 40% better than that of an A7 architecture under the same frequency, and 25% better than that of a 32-bit octa-core A53.

1 to 8 cores, main frequency ranging from 200 MHz to 1.2 GHz, automatic core and frequency selection in different application scenarios for high performance / low power consumption.

Quad-core Mali-450 image processor with latest DDK gives better GPU performance, performance improved by 20%.

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Strong Signal Reception Delivers Stable Call Experience

Higher signal reception by 3dB comparing with other phones in same tier, which is equivalent to double in signal strength, can deliver stable call experience even when signal is weak.

Most half-shielded metal plates supported and strong reception even in underground garages and other marginal coverage areas. GPS and Wi-Fi antennas use the asymmetric isolation improvement technology to improve antenna performance.

Employs dual antenna - main and diversity antennas; main antenna uses the high order mode technology for PCB coupling antennas and integrates the microphone antenna radiation technology to broaden the antenna bandwidth and strengthen the communication performance. Dual card dual standby can serve work and play simultaneously. Dual blind-mate card slots.

Honor 4c!

SmartImage 2.5 +Sony/OV Second Generation BSI 13MP Camera

    F2.0 large aperture, macro mode at the centimeter level for close-ups, 28 mm wide angle, 5 pieces of lens facilitate close-up shots and landscape shots.

    Lens protection, two-sided transparent foil+fingerprint resistant coating, improved light capture technology for better photos in low-light environment.

    Huawei SmartImage 2.5 image processing engine and other patented technologies to ensure high quality photos.

    Recording in beauty mode, art filters, audio photos, and a range of capture modes, such as voice-activated, panoramic, and continuous shooting are at your fingertip.

Honor 4c!

Samsung/OV 5 MP Front Camera, More Wonderful Selfie

22 mm wide angle lens, a sensor with 1.4 um pixel size and 4 pieces of lens offer wide view with angle upto 88 degrees.

Small selfie preview window for better photos.

Beauty mode for video chats.

Smart beauty mode, which brightens and smoothens the skin and texture.

Honor 4c!

All-New Camera Features

  • All-focus mode
  • Focus after shooting, you can select whatever to focus after you shoot.

  • Smart smile detection
  • Have your auto-detect smiles through the camera viewfinder and take a photo automatically.

  • Watermarks
  • Add more flavor and meaning to your photos with a wide selection of colorful watermarks.

  • Map View
  • See all the places you’ve visited and taken photos from.

  • Ultra SnapShot
  • Take a quick photo directly from an off-screen mode, a short cut to photo taking.

Honor 4c!
Honor 4c!

2550 mAh Battery+ SmartPower 2.5

80hours of continued use.

    Energy efficient CPU and other hardware components coupled with.

    SmartPower 2.5 increase battery life by more than 30%.

    80 hours of battery life in ultra power saving mode.

    Upto 50 hours of continued moderate use and over 80 hours of light use.

    Data tested in Huawei laboratory conditions actual times may vary.

Honor 4c!

5-inch 720p Black Waterfall Fully Laminated IPS Screen

Fully laminated block waterfall screen with vivid display and sharper image quality.

1280X720 pixels HD, 16.7 million colors impress you with rich colors.

OTP single-screen calibration technique for better HD colors fast and stable 3D toggle and smooth viewing of HD movies.

Emui 3.0 Designed To Create An Easy, Elegant, Enjoyable And Efficient Experience, Simple Is Beauty

Messages, call logs, notifications, reminders, gallery, itinerary, and notes recorded on a timeline.

A search engine will be triggered by pulling down the screen no matter which screen you are at. Search covers your phone contacts, applications, audio and video files, photos, messages, notes, and even content on the Internet.

Ability to drag multiple widgets at a time, support multiple screen layouts.

User-oriented audio and video resource deployment.

Continuous EMUI improvement through our fans feedback.

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DTS Audio, Dual Silicon Microphone Noise Reduction

    DTS audio processing and 5.1 channel surround sound effect, creating an immensive audio experience.

    Dual silicon microphone design and noise reduction technology, providing real life call quality, even in noisy environments.

Honor 4c!

6 Months Exchange Warranty

    1 year Original Manufacturer's Warranty.

    *Terms and conditions apply

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